On Using Sleeklens Wedding Workflow

  • A perfect workflow to use when editing your wedding pictures
  • Going for Sleeklens for your photo editing
  • Enhancing the way you enhance your photo via sleeklens wedding workflow

Wedding photographers have a way of dealing with challenges on their work. Some of them are so creative that they use even the most ordinary scene in the wedding into a powerful image that would generate a lot of memories to its viewers. And one of these things is by utilizing sleeklens wedding workflow.


Workflows are photography solutions that allow you to have a smoother flow of work when it comes to editing. It makes things so much easier, like you’re just playing around with these tools, and yet you are producing quality (wedding) pictures in the process.

But utilizing sleeklens wedding workflow is something every wedding photographer should use at some point.

Forget about these tools that you’ve been accustomed to using; utilizing sleeklens wedding workflow shortens the procedure at times, enabling you to speed the process, which is what you need, if you are maintaining a photography business.

Wedding photos are quite intricate, but there’s no better solution to work on these images than by utilizing sleeklens wedding workflow. Even your neighborhood photographer is already using this workflow for his work (not just with wedding photos also).

So if you are looking for an easier way to enhance your photos, you need to start utilizing sleeklens wedding workflow right now.

Sleeklens makes it all happen. After enjoying the variety of tools you can get from them, you will be able to enjoy their solutions when enhancing your images, including your wedding photos.

A wedding workflow as a gift? That sounds like a great idea! Who knows these workflows might come as appropriate gifts for a photographer who is still making his name in the wedding photography scene. And if you can give him that, that would make quite a head start and a career move for him to start with.

And as a wedding photographer, this is another way for you to deal with your subjects. Remember, variety is all, not just in photography. Although you can have it real cool by utilizing sleeklens wedding workflow right from the start.

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Workflow Reviews in Great Detail

  • 3 benefits of reading detailed workflow reviews
  • Reading workflow reviews that cover all your photography needs and inquiries
  • A better understanding of how modern photography deals with your photos through theses detailed workflow reviews

Many are asking, why the need to have these workflow reviews before editing your photo? The answer is simple: a thorough and detailed workflow review is your initial step towards a better if not great photography in the process.


Let’s take a look, though, at some of the benefits that you can get after reading a thorough and detailed workflow review.

  • A Better Understanding – You’ll be able to appreciate photo editing more after reading a thorough and detailed workflow review. Photography is both a science and an art. The science of choosing the right tools for your editing, and the art of editing it into a great photo.
  • A Better View – Aside from understanding the intricacies of photo editing, reading a thorough and detailed workflow review allows you to have a better view of your photos, meaning, that you now appreciate why certain photos are presented that way.
  • A Better Time – Out of understanding the nature of photography and getting a better view in the offing, most of those who have the habit of reading a thorough and detailed workflow review often end up using their time wisely, creating and producing photos even in so short a time, and in the return, getting more time to develop their unique photography.

A thorough and detailed workflow review is not that tedious as you would have thought. It is, in fact, the secret behind that visually artistic photo.

You can have these benefits as soon as you start checking out that thorough and detailed workflow review online. A better understanding, a better view, and eventually a better time editing and enhancing these great photo images.

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Photography Workflow 101

  • Photography as a field
  • Workflow basics
  • Workflow resources

Photography is a very awesome field. It requires dedication, commitment and a whole lot of practice. For a beginner, it is important to learn the basics. You have to master the fundamentals before even thinking about the advanced stuff. That way, you will have a solid foundation of the field and you will have a better chance of developing and improvising your technique. Among the fundamentals is the workflow. This usually applies to digital photography.


A digital photography workflow is a system of working with images from beginning to end. Here’s a general outline of a photographer’s workflow.

  1. Camera setup and taking photos
  2. Saving images to the computer
  3. Use of software for post processing
  4. Archiving of photos
  5. Processing images
  6. Export and backing up of images
  7. Publishing finished product either by printing or posting on the web

Of course each workflow varies depending on how a photographer prefers it. But overall, those are the basics. If you are not quite sure about what workflow to follow though, there are lots of workflows posted on the internet. Just do a little research. A good way to start is to read workflow reviews by photographers so that you can get a good idea if it’s any good or not. Each step of a workflow can be broken down into another set of workflow. Say for example the processing of images. There are several ways on how to do it. It is up to you on how you go about it.

There are several factors affecting a photographer’s workflow. One is technique and another is preference. So, it is better to pick up and start doing. A good way to start, as stated above is to read workflow reviews by photographers. Make it as your basis when you start developing your own workflow. That’s how I did it.

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Your Top Drone in Detail

  • Highlighting one of the popular drones at QuadCopter Guru
  • Using drones for your photography to produce a variety of angles
  • Crisp, clear images, courtesy of QuadCopter Guru

If you have seen “Avatar”, that sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster, you would immediately recognize that one of those choppers that they used in the film bears a striking resemblance to DJI Phantom.


From its shape and even to its propellers, you would construe that what they used in the film is actually a DJI Phantom disguised as a customized chopper.

But, apart from the film, though, a DJI Phantom is one of the most sought-after drones on the web. In fact, DJI Phantom was placed in the top 10 at quadcopterguru.com.

At the outset, DJI Phantom’s design separates it from the rest of the drone world. Indeed, it looked like a customized chopper, but carrying a camera just below its suave body. But the really good thing about DJI Phantom is that it has a resolution of 4384×3288, which means that it is capable of producing clear, quality photo images in the process.

One of the reasons why DJI Phantom was placed in the top 10 at quadcopterguru.com its because it has great leverage, allowing you to shoot aerial scenes in a dynamic way, thereby improving your shooting skills. Plus the fact that it has good vision, its specs enables you to capture panoramic scenes in superior quality.

No wonder it has been used by filmmakers also when shooting a film because it can carry its way through when creating angles even for just a single scene.

So check out this site today, and find out why DJI Phantom was placed in the top 10 at quadcopterguru.com. There are other drones that you can use out there, but nothing beats the sophistication and quality of photos that DJI Phantoms are capable of producing.

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Liking Photoshop Actions for My Photos

  • Using Photoshop actions when enhancing your photos
  • Enhancing the color, saturation level and luminosity of your photos with Photoshop actions
  • Editing photos like a professional with actions for Photoshop

There are many ways of skinning a cat, so they say, just like there are a lot of ways for you to edit or enhance your photos. But I like actions for Photoshop better than the rest.

And my reasons are quite obvious; Photoshop has the tools to enrich the quality of my images in ways I could never imagine. And Photoshop is doing it in three ways, namely, through color, saturation, and luminosity.

  • Color – I like actions for Photoshop because it gives you colors that are so authentic, not looking fake or pale. If I want my apple red, Photoshop has the tools to make my apple glowing with natural red, something that bugs me every time I use photography tools other than Photoshop.
  • Saturation – This has something to do with the amount of light or darkness for that matter every time you create effects on your photo. I like actions for Photoshop because you have control over the saturation elements when editing your images.
  • Luminosity – How you project the aura of your photo images can either make or break your career as a photographer. But with Photoshop, you can even make 3D effects of your static images, displaying that background, middle ground and foreground features quite well.

These are the main reasons why I like actions for Photoshop compared to other tools that don’t really offer much. With Photoshop, though, you can be assured of a complete makeover or transformation of your images at any given day.

And besides, I like actions for Photoshop, too, because you can get it free online, and have tons of actions to choose from for the development of my photography.

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Your Photos and Cameradojo

  • The site to go online pertaining to photography
  • Intelligent photography reviews from Cameradojo.com
  • Know more about the latest photography tools via Cameradojo.com

You can just imagine the many sites online that deals with photography. Not that we should be aware of them, or count how many followers they have, but that most of these photography sites offer almost the same features most of the time.

That is not the case with Cameradojo.com. Cameradojo is basically a photography school. In here, you’ll learn the basics, the advanced, and even the most modern techniques when using tools for your photography. It is managed by one of America’s knowledgeable photographers, Kerry Garrison, who, himself, spent years being a photographer before creating Cameradojo.com.

You will learn a lot from Cameradojo. They have reviews that make you an informed photographer in the process. Garrison even provided a podcast so you can ask questions about Cameradojo or about photography in general.

Or you might want to impart something about photography by sharing an article at Cameradojo.com. They welcome article contributions even as these would be a potent topic for Garrison’s forum through the Cameradojo podcast.

An interactive photography school online, Cameradojo.com comes in with a perspective for a more enriching photography experience. Seldom can you find a site that deals with the latest trends and even issues in photography, and use these as discussions to improve not just your brand of photography, but the development of photography as a whole.

That is what separates Cameradojo.com from the rest. Since it is a school, you will learn techniques, tools to use, and even how to handle and manage your photography.

Your photos should at least have that cameradojo imprint, in the same manner that your supplements should have that iherb brand. Unless, of course, you have these iherb promo codes with you. But, nevertheless, images from cameradojo have been anything but trite, they photos that are professionally edited and enhance, even if you are a nascent photographer.

So check out Cameradojo.com right now, and learn from the experts. Digging further online, trying to find that perfect photography site would be a waste of time, as soon as you get hold of Cameradojo, though, hold on to it, and make your photography more lively and enriching.

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Mistakes To Watch Out For In Making A Resume


  • What is a resume
  • What are the mistakes you need to avoid
  • How do you make a good resume

When looking for a job, most people neglect the fact that a good resume can be the difference between landing it, or getting rejected by the employer. This piece of document contains all the necessary information that a potential employer requires to qualify an applicant. It has all your academic achievements and qualifications, previous work experience, training programs attended, special skills(provided that it is related to the job you are applying for) and your contact information. When an employer looks at a resume, and believe me they do, they are actually evaluating whether you are fit for the position or not. So, making sure that your resume is error free is an absolute must!


When making a resume, what you usually do is load a Word resume template. That is already half the work done. Now, what you have to look out for are typographical errors, as well as grammatical ones. Spelling should also be a big no no since Microsoft Word has a built-in Spellcheck. If you’ve got a spelling error in your resume, you deserve not to get hired! Do not highlight your duties! Instead, highlight your accomplishments. They want what you can bring to the table, not what you were paid to do. Don’t make it to long either or too short for that matter. Keep it balanced. One or two pages will do. Nobody wants to sift through 10 pages of one single resume.

There is no step by step guide to making a good resume. You just have to keep things simple. Load a word resume template, fill it with all the necessary information, be truthful with all the info you put in it and be concise. Those are the things you need to keep in mind when making a resume. Hopefully, that will land you the job!

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Adobe Lightroom and Its Great Benefits

  • Adobe is one of the most trusted brands
  • Adobe decided to make a major move and upgrade in late 2006
  • Some people still don’t like to use Lightroom. Learn why.

Adobe is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to photo editing tools. They usually produce effective and useful tools for several professions such as graphic and web designers, architects, engineers, photographers and other artists. Although it’s pretty normal to have bugs and other issues on the first release, Adobe is very consistent in fixing it and make sure that it won’t bother the users again.


Sometime in late 2006, Adobe decided to make a major move and upgrade; they have decided to release another sure thing tool called Lightroom, an easier version of Photoshop and Elements. Basically, it was intended for professional photographers and designers to help them have a smooth and easier editing process.

At present, some people still don’t like to use Lightroom for their images because for them manual editing is still the best choice to edit a good and high-quality image. It’s their personal choice and Adobe doesn’t want to force them to use Lightroom 4 presets for their images.

But there are several photographers who still want to take a risk in trying Lightroom for their images. They knew the program can offer huge benefits than the usual editing in Photoshop.

So basically, Lightroom offers a lot of benefits and reasons on why you should use it for editing images.

Essentially, these benefits are self-explanatory so there’s no need to elaborate the benefits one by one.

What I truly know is that Adobe Lightroom is a tool wherein you can save a lot of effort, time and money since you can download a lot of free Lightroom presets online.

So, itemized below are some of the great benefits of Lightroom.

  • Effective
  • Stress-free to Use
  • Saves Time, Money and Effort
  • Great Printing Quality
  • Copy and Paste mode features
  • Able to convert JPEG and RAW files easily
  • Produce high-quality images
  • Creates personalized and commercial presets
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Everything You Need to Know about Camera Bags

  • Did you ever wonder about the difference between a regular backpack and camera bag?
  • Finding the best one that is perfect for your shooting needs is difficult
  • Photographers are going beyond what classical style of photography

Did you ever wonder about the difference between a regular backpack and camera bag? Well, there is a huge difference with the two bags; regular backpacks can store stuff but is limited while camera bags contain a lot of zippers that photographers can organize their things accordingly. However, there are no standard and specific size and design. It will always depend on the preference of its user.


With hundreds or even thousands of camera bags produced around the world, finding the best one that is perfect for your shooting needs is difficult.

Basically, as a photographer, you should know how your camera bag will be utilized; you also have to ask yourself if it can help you to every photography session you make or not. The right camera bag will not just help you simplify the transportation process, but will make your entire session easier and convenient. You must prepare a checklist to consider when buying a bag for your camera gears.  If you want, you can check on Sleeklens review of best camera bags.

Today, photographers are going beyond what classical and traditional style of photography. They usually don’t use big and bulky camera for their session since there are drones, action cameras and smartphones to use for photography.

That is the main reason why camera bags come in different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large bags. Whether it is used for personal or work purposes, these camera bags can be helpful in securing the camera against bumps, impacts and serious damage.

Camera bags aren’t important for some, however, most professional photographers prefer to safeguard their gears to ensure that they can use the best camera and provide high-quality images to their clients.


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Enhancing Photos in a Thousand Lightroom Ways

  • A rich collection of presets you can download online via Lightroom
  • Editing your photo images in a thousand ways using Lightroom presets
  • A photo-editing app where you can save your files also

Hard to argue the value of these Lightroom presets. If you have so many options to choose from when editing your photos, chances are, you’ll be able to come up with that desired effect you’ve always wanted with your photos.


That’s where Lightroom presets come in. It has a list of 3000 Lightroom presets in its collection. That alone allows you to experiment with your photos in so many diverse ways.

Let us take a quick look, though, at some of the features that make Lightroom the ultimate photography app for the enhancement of your photos.

  • These presets are free – Yes, there is a list of 3000 Lightroom presets online and a big chunk of it is for free. This is the advantage that Lightroom has for its customers, you don’t have to spend much for you to have quality photos, you can get it with Lightroom presets.
  • These presets have tutorials as well – Lightroom wants you to experiment with its presets, so it has its own video tutorials for you to make further enhancements to your photos. You eventually become a photographer in your own right.
  • These presets have its own storing system – Since it has a list of 3000 Lightroom presets, it goes without saying that it should provide something for safekeeping. True to it, it has a customized folder for you to secure your files. No need to have an external gadget to store your images.

A list of 3000 Lightroom presets is enough for you to make various changes in your photo. And this is the value that Lightroom gives to your images, day in and day out.

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