Enhancing Photos in a Thousand Lightroom Ways

  • A rich collection of presets you can download online via Lightroom
  • Editing your photo images in a thousand ways using Lightroom presets
  • A photo-editing app where you can save your files also

Hard to argue the value of these Lightroom presets. If you have so many options to choose from when editing your photos, chances are, you’ll be able to come up with that desired effect you’ve always wanted with your photos.


That’s where Lightroom presets come in. It has a list of 3000 Lightroom presets in its collection. That alone allows you to experiment with your photos in so many diverse ways.

Let us take a quick look, though, at some of the features that make Lightroom the ultimate photography app for the enhancement of your photos.

  • These presets are free – Yes, there is a list of 3000 Lightroom presets online and a big chunk of it is for free. This is the advantage that Lightroom has for its customers, you don’t have to spend much for you to have quality photos, you can get it with Lightroom presets.
  • These presets have tutorials as well – Lightroom wants you to experiment with its presets, so it has its own video tutorials for you to make further enhancements to your photos. You eventually become a photographer in your own right.
  • These presets have its own storing system – Since it has a list of 3000 Lightroom presets, it goes without saying that it should provide something for safekeeping. True to it, it has a customized folder for you to secure your files. No need to have an external gadget to store your images.

A list of 3000 Lightroom presets is enough for you to make various changes in your photo. And this is the value that Lightroom gives to your images, day in and day out.

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