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If you have seen “Avatar”, that sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster, you would immediately recognize that one of those choppers that they used in the film bears a striking resemblance to DJI Phantom.


From its shape and even to its propellers, you would construe that what they used in the film is actually a DJI Phantom disguised as a customized chopper.

But, apart from the film, though, a DJI Phantom is one of the most sought-after drones on the web. In fact, DJI Phantom was placed in the top 10 at

At the outset, DJI Phantom’s design separates it from the rest of the drone world. Indeed, it looked like a customized chopper, but carrying a camera just below its suave body. But the really good thing about DJI Phantom is that it has a resolution of 4384×3288, which means that it is capable of producing clear, quality photo images in the process.

One of the reasons why DJI Phantom was placed in the top 10 at its because it has great leverage, allowing you to shoot aerial scenes in a dynamic way, thereby improving your shooting skills. Plus the fact that it has good vision, its specs enables you to capture panoramic scenes in superior quality.

No wonder it has been used by filmmakers also when shooting a film because it can carry its way through when creating angles even for just a single scene.

So check out this site today, and find out why DJI Phantom was placed in the top 10 at There are other drones that you can use out there, but nothing beats the sophistication and quality of photos that DJI Phantoms are capable of producing.

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