Liking Photoshop Actions for My Photos

  • Using Photoshop actions when enhancing your photos
  • Enhancing the color, saturation level and luminosity of your photos with Photoshop actions
  • Editing photos like a professional with actions for Photoshop

There are many ways of skinning a cat, so they say, just like there are a lot of ways for you to edit or enhance your photos. But I like actions for Photoshop better than the rest.

And my reasons are quite obvious; Photoshop has the tools to enrich the quality of my images in ways I could never imagine. And Photoshop is doing it in three ways, namely, through color, saturation, and luminosity.

  • Color – I like actions for Photoshop because it gives you colors that are so authentic, not looking fake or pale. If I want my apple red, Photoshop has the tools to make my apple glowing with natural red, something that bugs me every time I use photography tools other than Photoshop.
  • Saturation – This has something to do with the amount of light or darkness for that matter every time you create effects on your photo. I like actions for Photoshop because you have control over the saturation elements when editing your images.
  • Luminosity – How you project the aura of your photo images can either make or break your career as a photographer. But with Photoshop, you can even make 3D effects of your static images, displaying that background, middle ground and foreground features quite well.

These are the main reasons why I like actions for Photoshop compared to other tools that don’t really offer much. With Photoshop, though, you can be assured of a complete makeover or transformation of your images at any given day.

And besides, I like actions for Photoshop, too, because you can get it free online, and have tons of actions to choose from for the development of my photography.

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