Adobe Lightroom and Its Great Benefits

  • Adobe is one of the most trusted brands
  • Adobe decided to make a major move and upgrade in late 2006
  • Some people still don’t like to use Lightroom. Learn why.

Adobe is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to photo editing tools. They usually produce effective and useful tools for several professions such as graphic and web designers, architects, engineers, photographers and other artists. Although it’s pretty normal to have bugs and other issues on the first release, Adobe is very consistent in fixing it and make sure that it won’t bother the users again.


Sometime in late 2006, Adobe decided to make a major move and upgrade; they have decided to release another sure thing tool called Lightroom, an easier version of Photoshop and Elements. Basically, it was intended for professional photographers and designers to help them have a smooth and easier editing process.

At present, some people still don’t like to use Lightroom for their images because for them manual editing is still the best choice to edit a good and high-quality image. It’s their personal choice and Adobe doesn’t want to force them to use Lightroom 4 presets for their images.

But there are several photographers who still want to take a risk in trying Lightroom for their images. They knew the program can offer huge benefits than the usual editing in Photoshop.

So basically, Lightroom offers a lot of benefits and reasons on why you should use it for editing images.

Essentially, these benefits are self-explanatory so there’s no need to elaborate the benefits one by one.

What I truly know is that Adobe Lightroom is a tool wherein you can save a lot of effort, time and money since you can download a lot of free Lightroom presets online.

So, itemized below are some of the great benefits of Lightroom.

  • Effective
  • Stress-free to Use
  • Saves Time, Money and Effort
  • Great Printing Quality
  • Copy and Paste mode features
  • Able to convert JPEG and RAW files easily
  • Produce high-quality images
  • Creates personalized and commercial presets
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