Mistakes To Watch Out For In Making A Resume


  • What is a resume
  • What are the mistakes you need to avoid
  • How do you make a good resume

When looking for a job, most people neglect the fact that a good resume can be the difference between landing it, or getting rejected by the employer. This piece of document contains all the necessary information that a potential employer requires to qualify an applicant. It has all your academic achievements and qualifications, previous work experience, training programs attended, special skills(provided that it is related to the job you are applying for) and your contact information. When an employer looks at a resume, and believe me they do, they are actually evaluating whether you are fit for the position or not. So, making sure that your resume is error free is an absolute must!


When making a resume, what you usually do is load a Word resume template. That is already half the work done. Now, what you have to look out for are typographical errors, as well as grammatical ones. Spelling should also be a big no no since Microsoft Word has a built-in Spellcheck. If you’ve got a spelling error in your resume, you deserve not to get hired! Do not highlight your duties! Instead, highlight your accomplishments. They want what you can bring to the table, not what you were paid to do. Don’t make it to long either or too short for that matter. Keep it balanced. One or two pages will do. Nobody wants to sift through 10 pages of one single resume.

There is no step by step guide to making a good resume. You just have to keep things simple. Load a word resume template, fill it with all the necessary information, be truthful with all the info you put in it and be concise. Those are the things you need to keep in mind when making a resume. Hopefully, that will land you the job!

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